Underwater Welding Jobs

For both experienced underwater welders and those who have just come out of a training program, there is a great deal of work available. Underwater welding jobs are available all over the world, with a tremendous amount of work coming on line both in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, as well as the Newfoundland coast off of Canada's eastern seaboard.

Production in the North Sea is declining; as a result, they are decommissioning many rigs, and underwater welders are needed to help dismantle the rig assemblies. This project will last until at least 2015.  

In the Gulf of Mexico, several projects are coming online. The major oil companies have invested a lot in the deepwater drilling projects, and those efforts are bearing fruit, with several new oil fields discovered. Underwater welders will be needed in the construction of the production rigs being built to service these new fields.  

The same holds true off the Newfoundland coast. Thousands of jobs are being created to expand the production of this rich field, and dozens of rigs are being built even now. The work available there for underwater welders is enormous, and will continue to grow for some time.  


Underwater Welding Skills and Qualifications

Underwater welders combine the skills of a commercial diver with those of a certified welder. Underwater welders must be experts in all aspects of diving safety, physiology, communication, the underwater environment and rigging.

Underwater welders must also be skilled as a welder, with skills in weld preparation and setup, to include preparing and aligning materials, beveling, fitting steel patches and repair plates, and so on. Being certified in wet welding procedures is generally a requirement.

Fortunately, it doesn't take as long to acquire these very valuable skills as one might suppose.  At the Commercial Diving Academy, prospective underwater welders are able to earn both a certified welding certificate and commercial diving certificate in 21 weeks; 5 weeks for the welding and 16 for the diving.

Wages for Offshore Underwater Welding

Underwater welders are extremely well paid, as they should be. Wages in the Gulf of Mexico start at $80,000; underwater welders with experience under their belt earn up to $200,000.00 a year. Day rates of $1000 for those with experience are very common.

Wages for underwater welding jobs depend greatly on experience, skill sets, and years of experience, as well as the number of previous projects and project location. Pay is usually by the project; as you progress in your career and acquire more skills (Certified Welding Inspection is a great one), the salary you can command will grow, often dramatically.

A few recent job postings showed the following wages being paid today:

  • Underwater welder - Gulf of Mexico, US $80,000 year.
  • CSWIP 3.2 Inspection Divers - Gulf of Thailand, USD 450 per day.
  • Underwater welder-diver - Offshore Australia, USD 870 per day.

Underwater Welding Jobs Recruiting Services

If you are interested in finding offshore jobs as a welder or underwater welder, one of the fastest ways to get hired is to utilize the resources provided by Rigworker. For what they charge, $60.00, they provide a lot of value: a web-based resume creation program that meets oil industry criteria, an online resume webpage that you can refer potential employers to, and the submission of your resume to over 1200 medium-to-large energy companies and drilling contractors. While they make no guarantees of getting hired, they do guarantee your satisfaction with their services, and you will get a lot of bang for the buck.

Another great way to get hired is to utilize the recruiting service provided by The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit. For what they charge, $37.00, they provide a lot of value: A five volume resource kit on landing work in the oil industry in the job of your choice. This includes a 50 page how-to on oil fields jobs resume creation that meets oil industry criteria, an 83 page manual on the types of oil jobs and where to find them; and an 83 page guide on how an oil rig works, as well as an employment manual with over 200 pages of oil and drilling company profiles, large and small, all over the world. They also tie it all together in a seperate strategy manual on finding oil rig jobs. They guarantee 100% satisfaction, and you will get a lot of bang for the buck.

If you are in the US, you can also apply in person at the offshore drilling contractors based in Houston, TX and Lafayette, LO. There are a number of advantages of applying in person, but the biggest is simply that there are often unadvertised openings that need filled yesterday, and if you go in person, you stand a shot at getting hired on the spot.

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