Offshore Welding Jobs

Offshore welding jobs can be found either as a permanent welder on a single oil rig, or as a roving welder, going from rig to rig working as part of team completing various projects. 

For those assigned as a crew member to a single rig, offshore welders carry out a variety of repairs and modifications at the direction of the Offshore Maintenance Supervisor. Being an AWS certified welder is a requirement for this position.

Work duties for these offshore welders inlude repairs and the construction of new and replacement metalwork. They will typically have an assistant or two, known as maintenance roustabouts in offshore parlance. 

The offshore roving welders don't stay on any single rig for long.  As part of a large welding crew, they will go from rig-to-rig, working on projects that involve a number of welders in order to complete the task quickly.  There are always a good number of offshore welding jobs that involve working as a rover.  

Entry Level Offshore Welders 

For those with some welding experience but without AWS certification, maintenance roustabout positions as a welder's assistant are great jobs to get one's foot in the offshore door. 

This is often the path many welders take in order to break into offshore welding work.  It allows one to master offshore tools and procedures, which can be very different from their mainland counterparts.  Additionally, it gets you offshore - which is the whole point.

Once you have offshore experience, it is a lot easier to land your next offshore job - the first question in the interview is typically "have you worked offshore before" - no matter what the job was.  So many welders will take a position that may be beneath their skill set, in order to break into offshore work.  Doing so will put one at the top of the list when an offshore welding job becomes available. 

Wages for Offshore Welder Jobs

Starting salaries for offshore welders will range from 66k to 80k a year. Earnings vary greatly based on skills and experience, as well as how many projects offshore one ahs worked on.  Working up the ladder to become the Offshore Maintenance Supervisor is completely possible.  

Offshore Welding Jobs Recruiting Services

If you are interested in finding offshore welding jobs, one of the fastest ways to get hired is to utilize the services provided by Rigworker. For what they charge, $60.00, they provide a huge service:  a web-based resume creation program that meets oil industry criteria, an online resume webpage that you can refer potential employers to, and the submission of your resume to over 1200 medium-to-large energy companies and drilling contractors.  While they make no guarantees of getting hired, they do guarantee your satisfaction with their services, and you will get a lot of bang for the buck. 

Another way of finding offshore  is to utilize the recruiting service provided by The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit. For what they charge, they provide a lot of value:  a 50 page how-to on drilling rigs jobs resume creation that meets oil industry criteria, an 83 page manual on the types of oil jobs and where to find them; and 83 page guide on how an oil rig works, over 200 pages of oil and drilling company profiles, large and small, all over the world.  They also tie it all together in a seperate strategy manual on finding oil jobs.  They guarantee your satisfaction with their services, and you will get a lot of bang for the buck. 

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