Offshore Welder Training

Offshore Welder training is available in a number of ways. If you like to get your hands dirty and pick things up on your own, there are many good welding books and video courses available that will get you started, whether you are a beginner or advanced. 

If you are serious about becoming an offshore welder, then earning your AWS certification is a must. This can be done in a number of ways.  Going through an apprenticeship program through a union, completing a welding program at one of the many accredited welding schools, or even taking welding courses and training programs on one's own, in conjunction with working with a more experienced welder (on-the-job training), then taking the test at any approved testing center.

Welding Vocational Programs

Most career-level vocational programs will run 3 to 6 months to qualify for an entry-level position. There are many good welding voc-tech programs across the country, teaching every conceivable type of welding and procedure, but the most important thing is of course to master the basics before choosing one or more specializations.

When choosing a school, ensure they are accredited and offer financial aid. If you have been layed off and are collecting unemployment, your chances of getting your education paid for are quite good, and certainly a great time to pick up the training needed to start a new career.

The school you choose should offer certifications as part of the program, especially the AWS Certificate of Completion, Certified AWS Entry Level Welder, and your AWS Entry Level Welder Certification Card. These will open a lot of doors for you.

Self Study and On-The-Job Training

If you do already have some welding experience, consider hiring on as an offshore oil rig maintenance roustabout. As a maintenance roustabout with welding experience, you can work as a welding assistant to an experienced offshore welder, where you will master specific procedures and equipment used on the rigs.

Between your 2 to 4 week hitches (with 2 to 4 weeks off between hitches), you can continue the process of working towards your AWS certification, and when an rig welder opening comes up, be first on the roustabout crew to move up; offshore contractors love to promote from within.  

If you are interested in finding offshore jobs as a welder or underwater welder, one of the fastest ways to get hired is to utilize the resources provided by Rigworker. For what they charge, $60.00, they provide a lot of value:  a web-based resume creation program that meets oil industry criteria, an online resume webpage that you can refer potential employers to, and the submission of your resume to over 1200 medium-to-large energy companies and drilling contractors. While Rigworker makes no guarantees of getting hired, they do guarantee 100% satisfaction with their services or your money back, and you will get a lot of bang for the buck. 

Another great way to get hired is to utilize the recruiting service provided by The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit. For what they charge, $37.00, they provide a lot of value: A five volume resource kit on landing work in the oil industry in the job of your choice. This includes a 50 page how-to on oil fields jobs resume creation that meets oil industry criteria, an 83 page manual on the types of oil jobs and where to find them; and an 83 page guide on how an oil rig works, as well as an employment manual with over 200 pages of oil and drilling company profiles, large and small, all over the world. They also tie it all together in a seperate strategy manual on finding offshore oil work. They guarantee 100% satisfaction, and you will get a lot of bang for the buck.


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