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Welcome to the Offshore and Underwater Welding Jobs website! Offshore welding jobs and underwater welding jobs are among the best career choices for welders today. With the economic slowdown and slowdown in construction, land-based jobs for welders can be hard to come by.

Fortunately, however, there are numerous job openings for welders on the offshore rigs. Working offshore is a fantastic experience, and always an adventure. If you have never worked offshore before, but would like to, we will provide the knowledge and resources you need to make it happen.

Types of Offshore Welding Jobs

There are two main types of offshore welding jobs: above water, on the rigs, and underwater welding jobs. For the above-water rig welding jobs, employers want to see welders that are experienced, preferably with AWS certifications. For the underwater welding jobs, one must be a licensed commercial diver who is also a certified welder.

If you are an experienced and certified welder, you should have no problem landing a welding job on an offshore rig. Many contractors are currently posting on the job boards, and wages are very decent - you will make around $5500.00 for two weeks of 7-twelves, and that is the low end. 66k starting is pretty fair for 6 months of work a year.

Starting a career as an underwater welder is a completely different animal. You not only need to be a certified welder, but be a certified diver as well. Most underwater welders are certified divers who have added welding to their skill sets, but their are many welders who acquired diver training and certification to start one of the best paying careers available offshore. 

Offshore Work Conditions

Rig welders make great money, but the conditions are challenging. Work is typically on a 2 to 4 weeks on, 2 to 4 weeks off rotation. One is miles out at sea, in close quarters, with limited recreational opportunities.

Fortunately, modern rigs do have amenities that help pass the time. Satellite phones are available 24-7, so one can remain in touch with family and friends when offshore. The food is fantastic; most rigs have bona fide Chefs in charge of the kitchen, with a high food budget - good food helps morale.

There are hot tubs and saunas, weight rooms and recreational rooms, and a movie room as well. So when one isn't working or sleeping, there is plenty to do to pass the time.

Finding Offshore Welding Work

Getting hired as an offshore welder is mainly a matter of meeting the qualifications and finding the contractors currently hiring. There is currently a good deal of welding work world-wide on the offshore oil rigs, so if this is something that appeals to you, then this web site will provide the resources necessary to start a very rewarding offshore welding or underwater welding career.

Offshore Welding Jobs Home

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